Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).
If you have a question for us not answered here please call or email us:

Serving McHenry County and Lake County (Chain O’ Lakes)
LIC# 104-016428

1. Do you really provide free, no-obligation estimates?
Absolutely, we value each and every one of our potential customers. It is no inconvenience whatsoever to come out and do a complete roof inspection regardless of how big or small your problem might be. Our experienced estimators will come out and evaluate your situation and provide you with an honest assessment of repairing your roofing problems.

2. How long will it take to complete the work?
Small repairs can be completed the same day to help you prevent further water damage to the interior of your home. For most residential roofs, the work can be completed in one or two days if there is not extensive structural damage. The weather can also delay the process, but we will always make sure that your roof is watertight through out the entire process.

3. What is ice and water shield and do you install it?
Ice and water shield is a protective underlayment that is installed to the bottom of all heated roof sections to protect against any water backing up from ice damming due to your gutters and overhangs freezing. When ice and water shield is necessary (depending on the slope of your roof) we will always recommend installing it.

4. Do you always replace all the flashing on the roof?
We always replace all the flashings, vents, stacks etc. To ensure maximum roof life, because they are usually used to keep water out of critical areas, like walls, roof protrusions or where different roof sections meet.

5. Can you put another layer of roofing over the existing one?
Most city codes allow you up to 2 layers of roofing on your home. We will always tell you honestly if that option is possible on your home depending on the shape of the existing roof and also if your roof is structurally sound enough to carry the weight of another layer. (Most times if there has been leaking, the existing roof should be removed to allow for the repair of any damaged wood decking, rafters, fascia etc.)

6. Do you protect the siding and shrubbery?
At peerless roofing we go to great lengths to protect your siding and shrubbery to the best of our ability. We use plywood and tarps as needed on different roof sections to divert the shingle tear off away from the siding and shrubs.

7. Do you clean up well after the project is complete?
We rake and sweep all debris from the roof and around the house and then we will use a magnet to pick up any nails in the yard or driveway. We try to make it cleaner when we leave, then it was when we started.

8. Do you carry worker’s compensation or liability insurance?
As a state licensed and bonded roofing company we must at all times carry both worker’s comp and liability insurance and we will be more than happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance.

9. Does the homeowner have to get the roof permit from the city?
At peerless roofing we handle the entire process from beginning to end including getting the permit from the city or village. We want to make it as simple as possible for you.

10. How does the whole process work?
Once you call one of our friendly office staff, we will set up a time to come out and do a complete roof evaluation. It is not necessary for you to be there, our experienced estimators know exactly what to look for. Once an assessment has been put together, we will call you to go over it with you verbally to get an exact understanding of what your looking to have done.

After the verbal consultation we will put something in writing and either mail, email or fax it to you. Upon acceptance of scope of work, we will set up a time to sign the contract and pick out shingle colors and answer any other questions you might have. The work will be set up to fit your schedule. Our standard payment policy is 50% down and the balance to be paid upon completion. If you feel more comfortable with different terms, we will gladly be open to listen to your suggestions. We look forward to hopefully serving your roofing needs.

11. Does your company come out to my area?
Peerless Roofing serves the McHenry County area and Lake County area, including (and NOT limited) to the following towns, cities, and unincorporated areas located in those counties:


Cities: Crystal Lake Harvard Marengo McHenry Woodstock

Algonquin • Barrington Hills • Bull Valley • Cary • Fox Lake •  Fox River Grove • Greenwood • Hebron • Holiday Hills • Huntley • Island Lake • Johnsburg • Lake in the Hills • Lakemoor • Lakewood • McCullom Lake • Oakwood Hills • Port Barrington • Prairie Grove • Richmond • Ringwood • Spring Grove • Trout Valley • Union • Wonder Lake

Unincorporated Communities:
Alden • Big Foot Prairie • Burtons Bridge • Coral • Franklinville • Harmony • Hartland • Lake Killarney • Lawrence • Palm Beach • Ridgefield • Riley • Silver Lake • Solon Mills


Serving Chain O’ Lakes area which generally includes:
Fox Lake • Fox Lake Hills • Lake Villa • Antioch • Spring Grove • Pistakee Highlands • Johnsburg • Volo • McHenry • Ingleside.

If you do not see your location listed above, don’t hesitate to call, since our service area is expanding as our company continues to grow!